There are Three Stages of Human Life: living in a mother’s womb in a placenta sack, living on earth after birth, and living in Heaven (an Eternal Condition) or hell (a temporal condition that could last an Aion) depending on freewill choices.  An Aion is a Period of Time that extends into millions of years.

     The First Stage of Human Life begins in the human body with the fertilization of the egg and continues to develop in the womb within the placenta sack attached to the inner wall of the womb.  The new life receives nourishment from the body of the host mother until birth.  The condition in the sack containing the embryo and fluid determines some effects on the growing life.  Human life begins with conception, even though the soul consciousness may not enter the body until a later moment.  The soul is still attached to the growing body at the moment of conception.  Intelligent life is terminated with the death of even a two-celled embryo.  This terminated intelligent life-form returns to a Heavenly Realm where the life-form develops and is provided a Wonderful Eternal, Ethereal Existence in a Glorified Body.  God takes care of everyone in a miraculous way using God’s Pure Science and Higher Technology. Even those who end up in hell or the Lake of Fire will be given an opportunity in a special unique way that will result in a freewill decision to accept the One Path through the Son of God.  This could take an Aion to be achieved.  Everyone will hear the voice of God and find Restoration, Renewal, and Regeneration through the Son of God’s Loving Path or Way to Eternal Happiness in Heaven.  Thus, there is one-hundred-percent success in the Salvation of everyone, even the fallen angels and the most evil people who lived on earth.  There will be only One Fold or Flock and One Shepherd on the new earth as It is in Heaven.  
         In John 10:16 of NRSV, Jesus says, “I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.  I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice.  So there will be One Flock, One Shepherd.”
        All people in other religions or no religion will hear the voice of the Son of God and become part of the One Flock, along with all evil, intelligent beings that have rebelled against the One, Only, Official Trinity of God.  So all divergent flocks will become One Flock with One Shepherd: the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth.  Those who need to hear His Voice will experience It in a Special Moment before their physical death. In this way God can Redeem, Restore, and Renew through Saving Grace.
        If the fetus is allowed to grow into a fully-formed human, the individual will break the sack and be born into the world.  Thus, the First Stage of Life ends and the Second Stage begins.
         The Second Stage of Human Life is what every intelligent being living in a physical body is experiencing now.  It can be a pleasant Stage or one filled with some unhappiness.  Some of the things that happen to people are their own doing, and some things happen because of the actions of others during the present or in their ancestral past.  Some of the bad things that happen can be minimized by accepting the help of God and God’s Angel helpers.  Besides being connected to God and the Faithful Angels, there are certain Biblical procedures that strengthen people’s precarious positions on earth.  One procedure is developing the Whole Armor of God, which is a Spherical Light of Armor around the physical body.  This can protect them from many evil forces that could affect their life on earth.  When they erect this Sphere of Light, it simulates the same condition they had in the womb where they were protected by the placenta sack.  This Sphere of Light can sustain them until they are done with their life on earth, the Second Stage of their Human Life.  This Sphere of Light is really always around people, but it is at a diminished capacity until it is enhanced by an active connection to the Holy Spirit.
        The Third Stage of Human Life begins after the death of the physical body; the intelligent soul migrates through a tunnel or beam to either a temporary hell (that could seem forever) or Heaven (that is Eternal) depending on freewill decisions.  As mentioned earlier, shortly before death of the physical body, the soul is given an opportunity to choose the One Path back to the Trinity of God in Heaven by hearing the Voice of God and accepting Saving Grace.  God offers that opportunity on a personal level to everyone that has not yet found the One Path.  This includes devoted members of all other religions on earth.  In a way, everyone chooses Heaven or hell at some point in Life.  In the end, all evil is forever eliminated; and all people and Angels are one-hundred-percent Restored, Renewed, and Regenerated.  You will find more detailed information about the Third Stage of Human Life in the next section.  


       Each Stage of Human Life involves a Spherical Field or Environment entirely encircling the human being.  In the pregnant mother, it is a placenta sack containing many different fluids and the human being.  One of these fluids is the Spiritual Fluid of the Trinity of God.  The placenta sack is basically spherical if it was given the room to spread out equally in all directions.  After birth it is discarded; and it is replaced by another Special, Spherical, Spiritual Field or Environment with a kind of Membrane; and it contains Energy Fields that interact with each other.  The outer layer of this Field is a Translucent Membrane that can become impervious to all evil.  As it grows in strength, it increases in brightness and dispels all shadows and evil.  This is the human being’s defense system, which needs to be developed by establishing the whole armor of God mentioned in the Bible. 
         Ephesians 6:11-13 NRSV says, “11Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  12For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.  13Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”
     With this outer layer fortified, the human being can achieve many wonderful things while on earth.  This individual can start developing many Gifts of the Spirit and choose an occupation that can bless everyone by the love that is shared with others while performing the duties in that occupation.  You can make many occupations a way of serving others through the Matrix of Love radiating out from the Special Spiritual Sphere around you. 
       Earlier a detailed description of the Special Spirit Sphere in the third stage of human life was given to show that God takes special care of everyone in Heaven on a personal one-to-one basis because the Trinity of God Loves you very much.  Your Glorified Body is a Spirit Sphere with the Holy Spirit as the Spiritual Fluid; it is just like being in the womb of your mother, but now you are in the womb of God in Heaven.  You can interact with everyone in Heaven in magnificent, marvelous, and miraculous ways using your connection to the Holy Spirit to connect with all the Residents of Heaven.  Even in this earthly world, you are connected to everyone; but you don’t realize it most of the time.  Thus, Heaven has infinite possibilities.
         When you understand all of this completely in Heaven, you will be able to bring about the Unification of these Three Terrific Stages of Human Life and the Three Spherical Fields or Environments, which are Spirit in Essence.  They become one and you can tap into the genetic memories of every ancestor in your line of descent or view future generations through your descendants.  What you cannot discover through your lines of descent, you can find in the mind of God where everything is preserved forever.  You are provided with everything that you need to be perfectly happy because you discover what Eternal Happiness really means and allow it to guide your Eternal Life Forever.  This is the true mastery of life, which has to involve the One Path or Way through the Son of God to provide the entire blessing and love of the Trinity of God.  You are able to master life through Grace as God accompanies you on this journey and helps you every step of this One, Only, Official Way to the Trinity of God.  (See the following diagram illustrating the unification of the three spheres.) 

        This process of Unification only takes a moment in Heaven and it allows you as a new Resident of Heaven to view the entire history and biographical details of all ancestors, a detailed look of your own life, and a glimpse of any descendants that you may eventually have if the Final acts of Tribulation and Final Judgment have not occurred yet.  Since Heaven is Holiness, Harmony, and Happiness personified, you will not dwell on the unhappy moments of your ancestors or yourself because you will understand the true reason for all of it happening and realize that everyone finds Eternal Happiness in Heaven and no longer dwells on their past unhappy moments any more.  The Trinity of God will provide one-hundred-percent Restoration, Renewal, and Regeneration for everyone because God is the One, Only, Omnific, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnicompetent God.

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