This entire Section starting with the next paragraph is an excerpt from the Book called, "The Trinity of God’s Living Truth Manuscripts".  This excerpt,"Manuscript 24", is God’s inspired words about the Creation of Utopia, which is transcribed and unchanged.  God is the real author and the “I,” “Me,” and “My” found in this Section!
            The Trinity of God reveals, “The Bible is the colossal journey of humanity and a detailed road-map to finding ultimate perfection of mind, soul, and body, which the Glorified Body represents.  As you may already know, I have created the Glorified Body as your reward for choosing Me as the Son of God and accepting My Saving Grace of Restoration.  In this Great Work, the first and last books, Genesis and Revelation, Paradise, which is the only real Utopia on earth, is mentioned briefly to illustrate that it was present at the beginning of human creation until the original sin was committed; and it will be completely Restored at the end of the Age when the saved humans receive their Glorified Bodies and live in Paradise once again on new earth as It is in Heaven.  At the end of Revelation, John mentions that perfection is finally achieved on earth as It is in Heaven; thus, the real Utopia is embraced forever.  Let’s look at certain verses in Genesis and Revelation that I inspired.”    

               In Genesis 1:1 NIV and Genesis 2:8 NIV, it says, “1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  And “8 Now the LORD God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there He put the man He had formed.””
             “At this moment, Paradise on earth began and would have continued as a real Utopian society if original sin had not occurred.  After the fall of Adam, there was little chance for Utopia on earth until I was born as Jesus, the Son of God.  I selected My disciples, ministered to multitudes, was crucified, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven to send back the Holy Spirit to literally fire up My disciples to continue the process of changing the world.”
            “In John's Book of Revelation NIV, he describes the beginning of the establishment of Paradise on earth and the creation of a real Utopia with the descent of the New Jerusalem City; and John says, “2 I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God…. 3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them.  They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God.””
              “The real Utopia will someday emerge from My Great Scientific Work on earth as The Trinity of God.  Remember that at a certain moment in your future you will stand on earth and in Heaven in the same Utopian City called the New Jerusalem.”
             “Mankind has tried to create a Utopia on earth by using various social models developed by numerous creative minds.  These individuals have burdened humanity with socialism, communism, fascism, oligarchy, theocracy, democracy, and capitalism.  All of these systems have failed to bring about any real form of Utopia.” 
            “The elaborate definition of utopia used by most learned scholars can be summarized as follows: a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions; an ideal place or state; a visionary system of political or social perfection; an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.”
           “The real Utopia on earth is only achieved by returning the entire planet to an even more Enhanced Paradise established by Me as the Trinity of God.  This is achieved through the use of My Pure Science and Higher Technology by eliminating all evil on earth and by restoring the Faithful in humanity with Glorified Bodies because they freely accepted My Saving Grace. Those who prefer to remain the disciples of evil will be ultimately removed from earth after Tribulation and Final Judgment.  After this is accomplished, the new earth will be cleansed by Me and populated by the new humanity with Glorified Bodies who will live both on this earthly Paradise and in Heaven. Utopia will at last be achieved only because I have made it possible through the Spiritual Matrix of Love.  In My New Utopian Society, everyone follows the path of perfection as I indwell within their Glorified Bodies to gently and lovingly guide them through an Ecstatic, Glorious Eternity of Never-Ending Happiness.”
               “In this Utopian Society there will be no unhappiness or any form of boredom of any kind because I will provide for everything in order to bring continual satisfaction and endless joy forever.  All of mankind’s vices will be gone; and evil, the only antagonist, will be removed to the pit or Sixth Dimensional Matrix for a thousand years.” 
            “Even when Lucifer, the other fallen angels, and evil disciples are released temporarily at the end of this Millennium, they will not be able to change the New Utopian Society found on earth.  After the failure of evil to destroy Paradise again, all evil will be eternally confined to the Lake of Fire, which is best described as a dimensional black hole.  At this moment evil will cease to exist and no longer be any threat to the well-being of anyone on the new earth, in any Realm of Heaven, or any place in the entire Physical Universe.  Evil has been Translated, Transformed, and Transmuted resulting in only Good remaining forever.  This means that I have provided one-hundred-percent Redemption, Reformation, and Restoration of all evil beings whether they were evil, fallen angels or evil, condemned humanity.”
                “The Real Utopia in this True Reality will continue to be an ordinary part of living on the new earth and in Heaven.  Intelligent beings, living in Utopian Societies, will be scattered throughout the Starry Heavens in a fellowship of Eternal Love extending through all Dimensions in every Realm of Heaven and every Sector of the Physical Universe.” 
                “Thus, the Real Utopia will eventually be maintained everywhere as everyone begins to embrace My Pure Science and Higher Technology brought about by My Eternal Wisdom through the demonstration of My Eternal Love. This all happens through obedience to My New Commandment that I gave near the time of My arrest and crucifixion as Jesus.” 
                “In My Words in English I said, “A New Commandment I give to you; Love one another; as I have Loved you, so you must Love one another!  By this shall all people know that you are My disciples, if you Love one another!”  (You will find this New Commandment in John 13:34-35 in any Version of the Bible.)”




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