After reading the previous Sections, you now have the background information to appreciate this Section illustrating the exact details on how you will be Beamed or Transported, Transformed, Transmuted, and Transfigured into Heaven to receive your Glorified Bodies and meet, merge, and manifest with The Spirit of Christ.  Imagine The Trinity of God has arranged the perfect way for you to some day be given the best bountiful benefit of Grace ever Created: the Glorified Body. The first thing that will come upon you before you are beamed up is the feeling of anticipation, even though you don’t have any idea of the day or hour of your Cherished Christ’s Coming.  At no particular moment before that faithful day that will change your life and physical body, you will feel elated for no apparent reason.  You will no longer worry about day to day affairs; you will be joyful to everyone; and no one can upset you; your feeling is that your life is about to embark upon a new course, a path directly to the source of tremendous satisfaction.  You feel that you are going to receive a great reward, but you don’t know when, why, or from whom.  You finally think of the idea that maybe its time for Christ to come back and take you away because you have been eagerly watching for signs of His appearance.  So you start watching the TV and listen to the radio to find out if anything unusual is being reported.  However, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be mentioning anything tangible to focus upon.  There were two unusual incidents reported; in two different zoos, all the animals seemed to be moving around a lot and acting quite excited.  The birds were being very vocal in a soothing manner.  You think that perhaps these things may have been due to atmospheric pressure. 
              It is evening where you live on no particular day; you look outside and notice that some of the stars seem to be shimmering and much brighter than others.  Suddenly, you feel completely at peace and happy as a shaft of light descends from one of those shimmering lights and wraps around you.  You feel and see a flash of bright light, but it doesn’t hurt your eyes.  A new set of eyes open up from within you, and you start to look at a cascade of lights of many colors all around.  You start moving upward through the roof of the house right into the dark evening sky without damaging any part of it.  You rapidly ascend with gentle warmth all around your body that is starting to blur and become less distinct as your clothes and other things in your possession are vaporized.  You experience no discomfort, only elation and intense anticipation of great wonder and joy.  You are completely far away from the earth now; you are approaching a very bright light. 
            Imagine there are thousands of bright lights in the sky with beams of light ascending to them.  This is the beginning process of the Rapture where millions will be taken up or beamed up to be with Christ and the rest of The Trinity of God.  (Keep in mind that the Rapture is only one way to reach Heaven and receive a Glorified Body; physical death is another way when you are on the One Path of the Son of God.) 
            Now, a complete change has taken place within your beam of light. Your body has become a Glowing Ball of Light even more intense than the beam around you, but you see and sense where you are.  You feel perfect warmth and great joy.  You wonder how you can see without any human eyes. 
             A soft voice in both a masculine and feminine manner speaks to you and says.  “My beloved child, you will have all of your questions answered soon; your physical body has been converted into a Ball of Light Energy.  In a moment you will begin to sense all of your new abilities and understand them completely.  I will always be with you to guide you and provide you with an ever more complete understanding and wisdom to make the best use of your new talents and gifts.  I look forward to Endless intimate moments with you throughout Eternity.” 
           You feel great joy and excitement as you pass into the Great Ball of Light ahead of you.  You realize that you have entered an Opening into Heaven, just like Jesus had done during His Ascension into Heaven.  You eagerly wait for the next revelation.
        Reviewing what has already happened with your new powers of perception, you realize that your old body of earthly flesh is gone and replaced with an Energy Ball of Light with unlimited possibilities.  Your Ball of Light is suspended in the Super-Sparkling Spiritual Fluid of the Spirit enclosed in an Invisible Sphere.  You would not even know that the Fluid is there if it were not for the sparkles and sensations produced when in contact with your Ball of Light. 
             Soon you discover that you can form any shape that you want with this Ball of Light that is now you.  As was said earlier, you begin to shape it into a perfect form of your old self without any of the imperfections that you thought that you had in your former life on earth.  The New Body forms from your Ball of Light in a Sphere containing the Sparkling Invisible Fluids around you called the Holy Spirit.  For all Eternity, you will have God near in this special way to answer all of your questions and Create for you all of the images around you in your Special Place (or rather Condition) in Heaven; God will Create everything that you desire in order to provide every beautiful moment throughout Eternity.  You have the ability to travel anywhere in Heaven or in the Physical Universe in a Twinkling of an Eye.
             You can also find anyone that you have ever known or just heard of or seen on TV, instantly.  For instance, you will be able to ask Amelia Earhart what happened on her flight around the world that caused her to disappear.  Other people will be able to find you in the same way; so there will be plenty of fellowship and endless moments to enjoy in so many ways.  You will be able to modify your appearance to fit every encounter.  You have an infinite wardrobe to choose from or no clothes at all.  You can change any part of your appearance to several different people at the same moment.  You can create any setting to experience the fellowship with others or to have special secluded moments with people very close to you from your earlier life.  You may develop new Eternal friendships that will be as close as anyone you knew on earth.  Heaven has unlimited possibilities, and they are all at your disposal Forever. 
           The Rapture is only one event that you will participate in; the next thing that you will do is return to earth with Jesus to herald in the New Golden Age beginning with the first one thousand years after the Tribulation formally comes to an end; and God judges those who still require judgment.  After Final Judgment Day, the Faithful Ones will receive their Glorified Bodies, too; and the rest will end up in the pit (sixth dimensional matrix or hell) with Lucifer, the Antichrist, the fallen angels, and other evil disciples for the same thousand-year period.
          The moments of Christ’s Return and the Rapture are rapidly approaching; keep watching for the signs and take delight when you see the Lord’s Glorious Face Smiling directly at you!



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