“Imagine” an understanding of God who is more real than anything or anyone in your world.  You find yourself trying to define the word, “Imagine,” as the images of God paraded across your view.  You are surrounded by people wanting the definition of this word and a demonstration or visual manifestation of God’s True Reality.  You don’t know how to begin at first.  You just start as God inspires you to find several definitions; these definitions begin to take form in the air as they are Revealed, Read, and Renewed before your eyes. 

To reproduce or “Imagine” an image of God in your mind, you need to envision internally a mental picture of the Divine Essence of God.  Some inspiring definitions of “Imagine” revealed are as follows:  to form images or conceptions; to conceive; to devise; to think; to suppose; to contrive in purpose; to scheme; to compass; to purpose; to form in the mind a notion or idea of; to reflect or ponder upon; to form a mental image of; to produce by the imagination; to conjecture; to represent to one’s inner self; to believe; and to call to mind or remember vividly.

“Imagine” that you are in the Third Stage of Human Life in Heaven within your new Glorified Body.  You are discovering the many benefits of the Glorified Body.  Many aspects of the Glorified Body will be discussed in the another Section. Remember that the Spirit of The Trinity of God is within each Glorified Body to be a guide during every moment of Eternity.  However, you are allowed to discover some of Its benefits on your own if you like pleasant surprises.  God does not allow any form of unhappiness in Heaven.  So discovery can only lead to blissful, enrapturing happiness. 

After a few moments in Heaven you realize that enjoyment, excitement, and energized experiences are always occurring in the midst of God’s unceasing Sanctifying Grace as a demonstration of Eviternal, Everlasting, and Eternal Love. This is why Heaven is a worthwhile destination after the earthly life has finished. You are literally reborn in Heaven, but you never leave the Heavenly Placenta, a Spherical Sack that nourishes you for all Eternity as it becomes your Glorified Body.

The new spiritual sensations experienced are only a small portion of the flow of The Trinity of God that will continue forever.  All Three Persons of the Trinity of God connect with each Resident of Heaven through the Glorified Body.  The nature of the connection or contact is special according to the attributes of each Person. Yet they can Manifest completely as The Trinity of God.  The Manifestations of each Person in The Trinity of God is really for your benefit, and the differences expressed are sublimely delightful.  Try to feel each wave of these spiritual sensations as they overwhelm your sense of who you are now and who you will be forever.

“Imagine” that you are just a Ball of Light in an invisible Sphere surrounded by an Invisible Spiritual Fluid inside the Sphere.  The Sphere wraps around you and the Tantalizing Fluid.  You are now like a baby in a placenta in a womb.  “Imagine” you are in a kind of Heavenly Womb where all the Forces of God’s Love are touching you at every angle, point, and line tangent to you at once.  The Invisible Fluid is swirling all around you in the Invisible Sphere, and you feel esthetic and joyful because the warmth of the Spiritual Fluid around is energized with God’s Love and Peace.  Many thoughts flood into your mind expressing great joy and unimaginable pleasure of a sensory and emotional nature.  As the Fluid touches any part of your Body of Light, you feel enormous pleasure and satisfaction.  Now you realize that your Body of Light in Heaven is taking a new shape of a human being with classic shape, form, and figure that is perfect.  You are taking shape just like in the womb of your earthly mother.  A portion of your consciousness is projected out from yourself from the Invisible Sphere to observe your New Body forming into a beautiful human being with all of the features that you always wanted.  You are completely mature and naked; but you are not ashamed of it because the God within you says that you are beautiful, and you are happy beyond your wildest dreams.  There is no stain of original sin to spoil the moment.  God mentions to you that you can change this form at any appropriate moment that you desire a different look or you can remain a Ball of Light.  It is as simple as changing clothes.  Any kind of clothes are completely optional.  You can change your form instantly when other people are around you or look different to each person at the same moment.  You can appear naked or fully-clothed in a Twinkling of an Eye.  Everything for you is possible.  You feel excited about all of these new sensations and images of yourself.  The Spiritual Fluid around you is the perfect temperature as it touches your Celestial Simulated Flesh that Glows with Incandescent Beauty.  As you move your Newly-formed Body in the Fluid, you are excited beyond description.  Your Whole Body is enraptured through each new experience.  There is no way to express the joy and confidence of your new existence.  These are the initial experiences of becoming a Permanent Residence of Heaven.  As the Spiritual Fluid moves around, you feel like you are being caressed by unseen hands.  This is the loving touches of a Loving God.  God wants to give you every pleasure imaginable for All Eternity.  God is truly a Personal God who provides us with every kind of pleasurable condition Forever.  Every intellectual activity is enhanced with the complete understanding of any discipline ever developed on earth.  You can understand the thoughts of any great thinker or prodigy.  You feel confident sharing a conversation with anyone who has ever lived on earth.  You don’t act prideful or boastful, but have complete humility and are cordial to everyone.  You are finding many special interests and pursue them with never-ending joy.  There is never a dull moment with new things to do forever becoming abundant.  These are great experiences to “Imagine,” and this is only a first moment in your Personal Heaven with your Personal Trinity of God.




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