Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a trip to The Trinity of God’s Heavenly Kingdom where there are an infinite number of Heavenly Realms?  Come let us take a journey into a Heavenly Condition not affected by our physical Time or Space!  Heaven is only a spiritual thought away from where we are now.  We only need a leap of Faith to reach this Godly Realm. Trust in God that we will be led to one of God’s Heavenly Realms now in a Twinkling of an Eye.
           Let us begin by closing our physical eyes!  Imagine closing your eyes.  As we imagine closing our eyes, we feel the presence of The Holy Spirit growing stronger.  We know what this feeling is like because we have felt it in church when the praise and worship service has reached its peek of spiritual ecstasy. We felt it when The Holy Spirit has anointed us to reach out in Love to help another human being in time of crisis or great sadness.  Now as our eyes are closed, we feel The Holy Spirit surrounding us on all sides; we feel excited and ready to embrace whatever The Holy Spirit wants us to spiritually see, feel, and experience.
          With our physical eyes closed, we begin to feel the spiritual sensations of a warm, soft spherical light surrounding each of us.  We feel so light that we are moving upward as the spherical light around us becomes a translucent bubble protecting us from everything.  We are in this warm bubble of light as it enters a vast corridor, a tunnel of light, glistening with the essence of The Holy Spirit all around.  We are now taking a journey in a bosom of The Holy Spirit, and we are perfectly safe.  No evil or evil being can penetrate this bubble of Pure Light, Life, and Love.  When The Trinity of God envelops us, we are absolutely safe and secure just as Moses had been when he was given the Ten Commandments on the mountain; or when Mary and Joseph were with Jesus at the moment of His birth in the stable as The Trinity of God encompassed all of them.
           We continue to journey in this brightly lit corridor floating in the center of the bubble of the Spirit Light.  Our spiritual senses are awakening as we move along this tubular conveyance system to a Realm of Heaven.  We had thought that this wonderful trip only occurred at the death of the physical body and only if we had made our peace with God through the Saving Grace. However, Grace also allows us to develop a perception of Heaven even before our own physical death.  Sometimes we are given a glimpse of God’s Kingdom when we take a leap of Faith and Trust in God’s Word as It is revealed to us.
          We continue to move through a beautiful warm passage of intense light and musical sounds.  Music is radiating from all directions in harmony with the dazzling lights that flash in many patterns and bright colors.  There are no dull, dark, dingy colors; and shadows do not exist anywhere along our path to Heaven.  Light and sound radiates from every direction as we begin to feel at complete peace within ourselves and at one with the Spirit.  We are eager to get to the destination, but we are enjoying the display that the Holy Spirit is sharing with us along the way.  The music sounds like every wonderful song that we have ever heard, and new compositions are added to tantalize our spiritual senses. 
           We are now experiencing what is called SSP, which is Spiritual Sensory Perception.  The Holy Spirit is flowing through every part of our being now. We can barely endure the splendor of God’s presence, and we haven’t reached any of the Realms of Heaven yet.  It could be that we have been there the whole time, and it is taking us time to adjust to this new state of reality or condition of true being. 
          The moment has arrived; Angels appear beside each of us and say that they have been with us through the whole experience.  Our spiritual vision has improved and revealed these beautiful creations of the Trinity of God.
           From this point on the journey, our Angels commune with us and instruct us about what we are spiritually seeing and feeling.  Suddenly, we approach an intensely bright barrier of light as bright as the Star of Bethlehem seen around the birth of Jesus.  In fact, according to our Angel Guides, it is the same light, but it is only visible now to just the spiritual senses.  The Angels explain to us that this is the only way to enter Heaven until the Rapture when untold numbers of Openings to Heavenly Realms will manifest spherically around the solar system in every direction from our planet earth.
        Now we all pass through the light barrier into a cherished Realm of Heaven.  Many visions dazzle us at once as we glimpse a portion of our future home.  Can any place be more beautiful than this Heavenly Condition?  We notice that our spiritual eyes can view an endless horizon filled with beautiful nature scenes of every kind.  There are fields of flowers and roving hills with perfect grasslands sprinkled with graceful trees and delicately arranged shrubbery of every size and shape.  Unique dwellings are arranged in perfect harmony to the natural splendor.  Mountains and valleys are everywhere containing numerous waterfalls with gentle rushing waters displaying great elegance.  Everywhere Angels are moving gracefully above the ground--some with magnificent wings and others without.  Beautiful music fills the entire Realm, and it vibrates gently in every part of our soul bringing peace and excitement unceasingly.  We ask in our minds: where are some of our departed relatives, family members, and friends since we have only seen Angels so far? The angels answer us by saying that all of our ancestors, descendants, and friends in Heaven will greet us when we return here as permanent Residents of Heaven.  However, perhaps we might return at another time for a fleeting moment and speak briefly with a special departed loved one.  Remember that if we seek, we shall find.
            Off in the distance is a beautiful Golden City with a translucent dome around it; we are drawn to it by the intense Love radiating from it.  The Angels accompanying us say that this City is the New Jerusalem that will descend to earth at the end of Tribulation according to John’s account in the Book of Revelation.  They tell us that this is the Eternal City of The Trinity of God where the Throne Room of God has always existed in all of its splendor, grace, and beauty.  We all want to see more, eventually enter the New Jerusalem, and walk on its golden streets. 
            Approaching a great archway, we walk through it and enter an image portal where we start viewing the moment when the three wise men enter a small cottage where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are staying after the community decided to give them better lodging than the stable.   Everyone in the community is feeling the expanding Love of Jesus as He begins His new experience as a human being on earth; they cannot resist giving Jesus and His family food, gifts, and a much better place to stay.  People are singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments frequently in celebration of Jesus’ birth.  Angels are everywhere dancing, singing, and keeping all evil out of the entire community.  As the caravan of the three wise men, arrive people realize that even the wealthy and learned want to give praise, thanksgiving, and wonderful gifts to this precious little Baby possessing Unbounded Love for everyone.  The three wise men take turns picking up the Son of God to feel His intense and penetrating Love.  As each of them holds Him, Jesus’ Body glows with Love and Affection that fill them completely.  Truly, Jesus is accepted by everyone in this small community as the Anointed One and King of Kings.  Now this beautiful vision begins to fade.  We have traveled so far and yet haven’t even left the physical place where we had begun this journey.
               In a Twinkling of an Eye, we are back to this earthly physical world as we open our eyes once again.  Our journey is over for the moment, but we have seen much to ponder over until it is time to return to this Eternal Resting Condition, which can be called God’s Heavenly kingdom.



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