This entire Section starting with the next paragraph is an excerpt from the Book called, "The Trinity of God’s Living Truth Manuscripts" available on this Web Site.  It is The Trinity of God’s inspired words about the Glorified Body, called "Manuscript 14", which was transcribed and unchanged.  God is the real author and the “I,” “Me,” and “My” found in the rest of this Section!
            The Trinity of God reveals, “The Glorified Body is My reward to you for choosing Me and accepting My Saving Grace.” 
         “Matthew 22:30 NRSV mentions, “30 For in the Resurrection they . . . .  are like the Angels in Heaven.””
        “What this means is that the New Humanity after Tribulation will have bodies of beautiful, radiant light, just like the Faithful Angels in Heaven who are near Me; these bodies are Immortal and capable of experiencing Endless Joy and Love from Me as the Trinity of God.”
         “One of My greatest pure scientific achievements for all intelligent beings on all worlds in the Physical Universe is the Creation of the Glorified Body.  On earth the Glorified Body is the reward for accepting the Saving Grace and being ready for the Rapture when I appear as Jesus at the beginning of Tribulation.  The Rapture will draw up millions into Heaven, and their physical bodies will be Transformed into Glorified Bodies.  Also, since Time has no limiting significance in Heaven, each Resident of every Heavenly Realm has already received a Glorified Body.  Each of My Angels in Heaven is created with a special body similar to the Glorified Body.”

         “Since Lucifer, also known as the Devil and Satan, was cast out of Heaven along with one-third of My Angels, they unfortunately all descended into your solar system.  At once, the Faithful Angels remaining in Heaven erected an invisible light barrier around this solar system to prevent any evil from escaping to any other part of the Physical Universe.  So these evil beings, fallen angels could only affect the human life here and the descendants of Adam.  On other worlds where evil has no presence or existence, intelligent beings gradually develop under the direction of My Guiding, Faithful Angels and Myself.  The Final Stage of development for everyone on these worlds is a process called Ascension, where their physical bodies are Transformed into Glorified Bodies as they are beamed up into a tunnel of light like the one that will be used during the Rapture through an Opening into Heaven just like the earth’s Star of Bethlehem.  Those who have experienced Ascension can go back to their home planet and help instruct their own people just as the Angels have done with great success.” 
           “During the moment of My physical birth as Jesus, the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem was a Direct Divine Demonstration because It is an Opening into Heaven made visible.  This was done so that the whole world would know that a dramatic event of My birth as Jesus was taking place.”
        The Glorified Body is a wonderful pure scientific Creation, which provides the indwelling soul with all the benefits of Eternal Happiness because My Spirit dwells there, too.”
         “The anatomy of the Glorified Body is quite simple.  It can take any shape or form and provides a Safe Haven for the soul for all Eternity.  Inside the Sphere of the Glorified Body is My indwelling Spirit, providing comfort, wise counsel, and truthful answers to all questions forever.  Learning about everything is immediate, and the journey to complete understanding is Eternally Unfolding.  The answers continue to flow into the consciousness of the soul as an ever greater comprehension of Absolute Truth.  Joy flows in an endless stream of one beautiful moment after another and never becomes commonplace or boring.”
            “The replacement for the physical body is the Glorified Body when you are Reborn and become a Permanent Resident of Heaven, even if you decide to also be an explorer of the endless reaches of the Physical Universe or teach people on other planetary systems.  In a Glorified Body you can appear young or old and take on any appearance, shape, or form just like the Angels have done on earth when they were sent there to perform missions for Me as mentioned in the Bible.” 
         “With a Glorified Body, you will be able to understand all languages, scientific disciplines, artistic expressions, and other intellectual disciplines. Through the use of the image portal you will be able to observe any event in Time throughout the Physical Universe and every Timeless moment in Heaven. You will be able to travel to any world through a travel bubble or tunnel and manifest your Glorified Body so that intelligent beings anywhere will be able to see and interact with you.  Since as The Trinity of God I dwell within your Glorified Body with you, your contact with Me is everywhere.  You can intensify your experience of My Presence by being in the Throne Room where I am always Manifesting simultaneously as the Father, the Son, and the Spirit in Eternal Splendor and Complete Unity.”
           “The most interesting feature about the Glorified Body, besides all the wonderful abilities and Everlasting Happiness, is the realization of being a beautiful child of God.  You should not misunderstand this statement like Lucifer did.  Lucifer thought that he could be Me because of his beauty, but no created being can ever be Me as the Uncreated God of everything.  There is only one God that deserves to be called God and that is Me as The Trinity of God. Thinking that you are god or can become a god is following the same path as Lucifer and the fallen angels.  They are blaspheming Me and setting themselves up as their own idols to worship.  All the false gods in history, such as those among the Greeks, Romans, and Persians are all manifestations of fallen angels. The final result of their evil efforts will be the Lake of Fire and eventual Transformation through My Eternal Love.”
         “In this solar system, those humans who decide through free will to continue to embrace evil after the Final Judgment will not receive a Glorified Body until they are condemned to the Lake of Fire and a moment later become Transformed, Translated, and Transmuted just like everyone else who has accepted the One Path or Way.  Being connected to Me through My Spirit determines the state of immortality for all intelligent beings.  An intelligent being is defined as one possessing the state of soul consciousness and capability of embracing My Spirit within.  The Glorified Body is the culmination of the contact with My Spirit and the beginning of Endless Joy and Eternal Happiness.”



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