During the Golden Age that follows the Final Judgment, a few of these Golden Age adventurers on the new earth have decided to take an exploration journey to another Galaxy.   This is one of the unique activities provided for people in the Third Stage of Human Life.   It is easy to plan an excursion because God can explain which planets might be interesting to observe and spend some moments conversing with its native population.  Worlds are in various levels of development, and it is exciting to meet a new group of intelligent beings with a slightly different approach to life.  Yet they all go through the same Three Stages as you do.  However, instead of calling it the Rapture or when the physical body dies it is Reborn and called Resurrection, other worlds use the term Ascension only because normally their bodies do not die like on the old earth. 
           Ascension is a very simple process on most worlds.  When an individual on these worlds has reached a certain level of proficiency with the scientific and philosophical traditions, this person is elevated to the level of elder teacher or great teacher.  The next thing that occurs is the Transfiguration of the physical body through Ascension, which is very similar to the process of the Rapture.  The individual is surrounded by a beam or tunnel of intense light and transported or beamed up through an Opening into Heaven.  (This is the same Heaven that everyone on earth experiences after each one accepts Saving Grace through the One Path of the Son of God.)  Through this process of reaching Heaven, the physical body is changed into the Glorified Body with all of the special attributes shared by everyone else Eternally as Heavenly Residents.
            After each Ascension, the same choices are always available: going back to his or  her native world as an elder teacher, remaining in Heaven to enjoy all of Its benefits, and/or being a traveler/explorer/visiting teacher in the Physical Universe.  Most Ascended individuals participate in all of the alternatives.
            If you started visiting one new inhabited world after another at the rate of one per moment, you could never catch up with the worlds added during each new moment as God Creates more life sustaining worlds in the Physical Universe with humanoid life Newly-Created on its surface.  The Trinity of God as the Word has never stopped the process of Creation as the Physical Universe ever increases in size and the number of stars and galaxies It contains.
        The scientific community finally feels fairly certain that there are countless number of earth-like planets just in this galaxy alone, which contains billions of stars many with planets around them.  If you add in the billion plus galaxies observed in the visible portion of the Physical Universe with the Hubble Telescope, the potential number of inhabited worlds becomes astronomical.  Therefore, you should not be surprised when you are informed that one of these worlds will now be discussed in some detail.  This information comes from The Trinity of God’s Inspiration and should seriously be considered, especially since all of these other inhabited worlds worship the same God as all true Christians and Jews do.  Yes, one-hundred-percent of all intelligent life everywhere in the Physical Universe has the same source of Inspiration, Love, and Grace as we do.  Only because of the presence of evil has this world gone astray and allowed false gods, false religions, and false ideologies to prey upon this suffering humanity on earth. 
            Jesus as the Son of God shows He has always known this revealing truth about other inhabited worlds when He says that His Kingdom is not of this world.  Jesus is referring not just to Heaven, but to all of the inhabited worlds in the Physical Universe.  Take it or leave it; this is the Absolute Truth! 
          Far Far Far away in a very distant solar system, there is a Beautiful Amber World with an atmosphere and climate somewhat like ours.  It is the fourth planet from a very yellow sun.  From its surface during the day you will often see many golden clouds gently gliding across the pastel yellow sky.  Soft winds are blowing across a field of light blue vegetation standing tall like wheat with a sweet smell of Jasmine and Cinnamon blended together.  Off in a distance is a majestic city glittering against the sun lit sky.  The whole city seems to be composed of transparent amber panes and metal supports of dark-gold and yellow stone walls and buildings. 
           Imagine that you are approaching the city in a transparent bubble that lets you see the countryside all around you and the city directly ahead.  You are floating comfortably in the bubble while observing everything.  As you get closer to the city, you see a number of people walking toward the entrance to the city.  There is water all the way around the circumference of the city that reflects the beautiful sky.  There is no bridge to cross the water to get to the city’s entrance, which is a giant archway thirty feet high with two supporting columns that are attached to the wall on each side.  There doesn’t seem to be any visible door, and the way across the water to enter the city seems to be just walking on water.  When someone wants to cross to enter the city, all that they do is approach two wide posts near the edge of the water and, suddenly, the water stiffens on top and glazes over.  The person just walks on the top of the glaze to the other side.
                  The people are moving joyfully all about and maybe you are looking at examples like Adam and Eve before they lost paradise because they are similar to humans in some ways such as their hands, feet, erect posture, and general shape.  They have no body hair, very small ears, extremely thin lips, big brown, kind, loving eyes, and golden faces that match their beautiful, glistening bodies. 
           These shiny, golden people are wearing above the knee robes composed of thin semi-transparent veils that reveal some kind of gender, but no apparent external genitals.  Some do have larger breasts because they are female, but nothing else identifies female gender other than the more delicate features, long tapering fingers and toes, and beautiful, unique, medium-brown, designer spots on their heads and down their spines revealing gender and line of descent. 
             You feel like you are visiting a Realm of Heaven.  They seem to portray a perfect image of what mankind did or will look like someday; you may wonder if this is what your world would have been like without evil.  All the time that these golden people are walking, they are smiling; their smiles seem to penetrate your entire being with a sense of profound joy, intense elation, and anticipation.  You definitely want to find out more about their way of life and the things that have made them so happy because of the loving nature that they display to each other.  They act like they are all one big happy family.  Your spiritual feelings of general love start to magnify.  These beautiful, golden people are just in the Second Stage of Human Life; but they are illustrating many of the characteristics of the Heavenly Residents.
                 A Loving God and a Loving golden people make for a perfect life on this Loving Amber World.  Imagine you are guided by your own special Angel as you watch and listen to these awesome people.  Whenever they speak, the angel instantly translates what they say and sends this translation directly into your mind so that you think that you are hearing the actual people speak.  You are amazed at how seamless this process is so that you don’t loose any details of any conversation.  A whole new culture is opening up to you all at once. 
           Your angel says that these people communicate in both voice and mental images that are transmitted mind to mind.  These people’s words are accompanied by vivid pictures sent to each mind in communication about the subject that they are discussing.  Communication is verbal and mental; in a very short time you learn a great deal about living on their Amber World and what it is like each day without evil oppressing them.
           The Angel provides you with all the background details about the people; you begin to see how interesting these people really are.  After all, they worship and love the same Christian God and the same Trinity of God. This is a fantastic discovery to realize that humanity has kindred spirits billions of miles away from earth.  They are making a positive impact on their lives in the Second Stage of Human Life because “The Three Stages of Human Life” are valid for all intelligent life throughout the entire Physical Universe.  Therefore, now that you are aware of intelligent life everywhere in the Physical Universe, you can amend the above statement to “The Three Stages of Intelligent Life Developing on Planetary Systems.”  Angels are a different Creation and are already at a Stage similar to intelligent life’s Third Stage. 
             On this Amber World, the entire society emulates the highest ideals found in Heaven; what more can be required of a noble, golden people?  The answer is only to finally find and freely experience the wonderful journey to Heaven through Ascension and receive the fulfillment of Grace by dwelling in a Glorified Body forever.
              You are discovering remarkable things about the golden people on the Amber World.   For instance, they eat only the special fruit that grows in every courtyard, in vast gardens, among fields of lovely flowers, and around beautiful, stately trees.  Awesome waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and fresh water seas are all over the Amber World to provide recreation and a pure water supply; the fruit and water are absorbed immediately into the body without digestion. Therefore, the golden people don’t need any organs of digestion and don’t have any male or female organs for procreation as we do.
           In another moment, you observe a new birth on the Amber World, which results from a Sacred Union of a man and a woman on a level of awareness where the two form a swirling spiral between them that gradually becomes a nearly Spherical Egg; as the Egg is suspended in the air between them, they both continue to touch it until the Egg vanishes into a mist of shiny particles that disappear on the ground.  When the Egg vanishes, the new, female child remains standing between the parents; the child is always the size and age of a human seven-year-old.  The child speaks fluently and knows many things about the parents and ancestors.  From the visual images that your angel sends to you from those in the welcoming committee; you realize how everyone in this community participates in the loving event and shares God’s Love with each other and the newly-born, female child.  The highest aspects of love fill the area around the birth of the child; the new child is born into abundant love and starts to immediately express intense love to her parents and everyone else at this New Creation Festivity. 
               Her education begins immediately by being introduced to some of her future teachers; each teacher embraces the child and pledges to help in every way possible.   Teachers are the most respected people in the community; they are responsible for the proper functioning of the entire society.  They are also the spiritual ministers and elders who guide everyone on the One Path to reach Heaven through the Son of God; all of the teachers have seen the Throne Room of The Trinity of God in Heaven and is the Final Destination of all the golden people on the Amber World.  On this World you discover that there is no separation between Church and State.  The Trinity of God benevolently rules and the elder teachers follow God’s perfect direction filled with unending Love and Grace.



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