In the Third Stage of Human Life, the Glorified Humanity enjoys many pleasant experiences on the new earth during the first part of the Golden Age called the Thousand Year Period or Millennium Age.  Even after the escape (which was God-Planned) of Lucifer and even everyone else from the pit, the living conditions on the new earth really don’t change.  Evil has no real effect on the new earth because the Glorified Status of the new earth and its residents cannot be reversed.  These evil ones eventually emphatically (forcibly) end up in the Lake of Fire in order to effortlessly, effectively experience Transformation, Transmutation, and Transfiguration; and the new earth continues with the Golden Age forever.  All evil is eliminated everywhere for All Eternity.
            You can change the area where you reside on the new earth any way you desire instantly at any moment.  You can change the height and size of mountains and add waterfalls wherever it is pleasing to you as long as it is in your individual domain.  There is some limit on the size of your domain because the new earth is only so big.  Everyone will be courteous to each other and not change a place being used by another unless they are no longer interested in retaining use of the space, but eventually ecstatic earth will be filled up and become quite beautiful and be nothing like the old earth.  Everything that you and other people do to delightfully diligently decorate the new earth will be very acceptable to God because you and the Glorified Humanity will want to please God, who is doing so much for you and eventually everyone else on a World Without End, Forever.
            Most people will find it easier to decorate their own personal habitat or domain in Heaven where there is no limit in order to construct beautiful surroundings; Besides, Heaven is Infinite as well as being Eternal.  You can add mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, trees, flowers, homes, and creatures of any kind that are pleasing to you.  If you have a favorite horse, cat, dog, and/or other creatures, you can have them with you for all Eternity.  The same creatures can be both on the new earth and in Heaven; they can even journey with you in a travel bubble (or sphere).
            It is important to realize that nothing is decorated or changed on the new earth using any kind of machinery, tools, electronic devices, or laborers. You will be able to use your intimate connection to God within your Glorified Body to visualize what you would like to change or decorate; and God will produce the alteration at the speed that you desire so that you can watch God’s Creation of your vision in detail or have it completed instantly.  Homes, cottages, and other buildings are always produced without using any wires or connections to mechanical or electronic devices, No polluting power plants, retail stores, or government buildings are required.  There will be some community structures for fellowship.  The most awesome community structures will be in Heaven because they accommodate an infinite number of Heavenly Residents.
          Feeding everyone is not a problem; you and everyone else will not require any kind of food or drink.  There will be a fruit available on waist high shrubbery that you can eat if you wish; it imparts a super charge to appreciate God’s presence even more, especially when you are in the Trinity of God’s Throne Room.
         You may want to participate in an old earth custom of a cheerful community celebration that acknowledges the victory of the Son of God over all evil.  Some people call it the ultimate wedding feast.  It is a celebration of the marriage or union between you and God within your Glorified Body.  The feast will have numerous kinds of food and beverage that you can eat and drink.  After it is consumed, it is immediately vaporized and reused in another moment.  The food and drink will have the exact favor it should have to please you as if you were really eating, except that you will not ever get an upset stomach since you don’t even have one.  It is the perfect meal with no bad side effects.  Thus, you can engage in the wedding feast mentioned in the Bible as many times as you wish.  Each time will be unique and profoundly enjoyable in an indescribable way because God does not allow boredom to exist in any Realm of Heaven.
              There may be many activities that you did regularly on earth that will no longer be interesting to you and others, that partake of the Perfect Utopian Society: the Kingdom of Heaven on the new earth as It is in Heaven.  When you see clearly past the veil of human physical life, you realize that other things are more important than shooting animals only for sport or racing recklessly on the road at high speeds that could result in fatality.
             Being in Heaven gives you a greater respect for everything and everyone and a new-found maturity to always act in love at all moments.  Once you realize all of the potential of your Glorified Body, you want to achieve and strive toward first pleasing God in everything that you do.  In pleasing God, you achieve complete satisfaction.




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