Rev. Dr. Ken Ponder Anderson has been involved in the writing, printing, publishing, biblical research, and ontological studies since his freshman year in high school.  He has always felt the comforting presence of The Holy Spirit with the rest of The Trinity of God and his own Guardian Angels.  All of his writings reflect a keen interest in expressing The Truth as revealed to him by The Holy Spirit in conjunction with Messenger Angels and Residents of Heaven.   

            He looks upon himself purely as a vessel for Divine Will and Love and has taken no credit for the quality or content of his writing.  Influenced by his late wife’s illness and eventual passing to Heaven, he started to write a series of Books related to mankind’s past, present, and future.  His present day wife is a constant source of encouragement, and her Editorial and English skills have helped to transform his writings into an acceptable literary format.  His Books are primarily and prominently prophetic; and some of the prophecies are expressed in parable form to illustrate Divine Truth. 

             If you are interested in finding The Truth that will make you Free and Answers about Life on every important subject, then read his Books and carefully study this Web Site, which is entirely inspirited by The Holy Spirit and the rest of The Trinity of God.

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